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In conversation with Dr. Tara Shweta Arya, the very first winner of Rubaru Mrs. India beauty pageant, from Bihar

Bihar’s Dr. Tara Shweta Arya created history by winning the inaugural edition of Rubaru Mrs. India beauty pageant took place on July 28, 2019 in New Delhi. She outshone other 29 participants from all over the nation and was crowned Rubaru Mrs. India 2019. A mother of 2 and the current Mrs. Bihar titleholder, Dr. Arya believes it is never too late to chase your dreams and you never know when your life may change in just blink of an eye.

In this exclusive interview, she talks about her journey to the title of Rubaru Mrs. India 2019 crown and what made her enter this scintillating world of beauty pageants and fashion.

She is a gynaecologist, IVF expert, professor and social activist. A mother of 2, Dr Arya enjoys singing, cooking and learning about new advancements in medical sector

Q1. First of all, many congratulations for winning the inaugural edition of Rubaru Mrs India beauty pageant. How do you feel about that?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: Thank you so much for those lovely wishes. It feels really great that I was elected Rubaru Mrs. India 2019 and being the very first winner of the pageant, it does make me feel extremely honoured and blessed. With the crown comes the responsibility and I am trying my best to live up to the expectations that people have from me. I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this journey. Soon, I will represent India at an international platform and I need all your support and blessings. Please continue to support me, it enhances my confidence and would help me deliver my best. Thank you, thank you so very much.

Q2. What was your reaction when your name was announced at the grand finale of the pageant held in New Delhi?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: I was so excited, happy and filled with mixed emotions. That was one of the most thrilling parts of the pageant when the final results were being announced. There came so many different thoughts in my mind at once and I could literally feel that things are moving so fast all of a sudden and then I heard my name. That moment everything seemed to have stopped, it was like everything just froze and then I was walking down the runway to receive the crown. It is really hard to express that moment in words.

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya being crowned Rubaru Mrs. India 2019 by international model and Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2019, Rafha Khongngam from Thailand.

Q3. You won Mrs Bihar 2019 pageant prior to winning Rubaru Mrs India 2019 title. How did you prepare for both the events?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: It was not easy to prepare as I wanted to give my best at both the pageants I entered. I followed a very strict regime and a much planned diet. I also worked on my walk and presentation skills. Thankfully, I have so many supportive people in my life, that even the most difficult phases in my life seemed so easy. It at times did become very hectic to manage my professional life, my family and preparations for the pageants however, my kids who are the reason I won this crown always motivated me and it’s because of them that my life changed overnight.

Q4. What was the most memorable moment during Rubaru Mrs India 2019 pageant?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: The most memorable moment was when they announced my name as the event’s winner. It was the time I felt I was on cloud nine. It was the moment that I would cherish for the rest of my life as it changed my life.

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya’s winning moment at Rubaru Mrs. India 2019 pageant.

Q5. You are a doctor, a social activist, a professor, a mother and now a national beauty queen. How do you manage to play so many different roles in your life so well?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: I believe life is not just meant to be lived, it should also be celebrated. I enjoy every moment of my life and try to live the way it is rather than complaining about the things might have been there however they are not there. As when you start complaining, you tend to lose the happiness that has come to you from the things you already have in your life. It is better to appreciate the things that you have in your life as life does not remain the same, things change, who knows what you have today, you might not have it tomorrow. So, live every moment of your life to the fullest. That is what I do.

Q6. What paved your way to this fascinating world of beauty pageants?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: My son, who is 14 years old, motivated me to join Mrs Bihar beauty pageant. He read somewhere that the auditions for Mrs Bihar 2019 contest were going to happen in our region. It was then he came up to me and mentioned, I should participate in the pageant. Both my kids have always mentioned that “mom you look so pretty”. Of course for every child his / her mother is beautiful and my kids were the same. Even, my daughter who is 8, she says, “Mamma you are so beautiful.” Their friends and teachers also said to them many times that your mother is very beautiful when I used to visit their school for parents-teacher meetings. They used to tell me all about it when they talked to me about how their day was at school. All these things paved my way to Mrs. Bihar pageant and after winning Mrs. Bihar beauty pageant, I got direct entry to Rubaru Mrs. India 2019 pageant.

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya’s after being declared the winner of Mrs. Bihar 2019 pageant.

Q7. What was the most challenging part of entering Rubaru Mrs India beauty pageant?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: The most challenging part was that we had to walk wearing 5 – 6 inches high heels. Being a doctor, I have hardly worn any heels or stilettos in my life. I always prefer to wear flat footwear however it was one of the prerequisites of the pageant to walk in stilettos, even though I am 5 ft 9 inches tall yet, I wore 6 inches high stilettos as this is how things work in the pageant industry. Along with being well-spoken you have to look presentable all the time. Initially, I faced some issues while walking in those 6 inches high heels however eventually I became used it and now I can almost sprint in them.

Q8. Who has been your biggest support in life?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: My husband. He is my biggest support and my greatest strength.

Q9. Who is your inspiration or role model?

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: Sushmita Sen. She is the quintessential 21st century woman who perfect in every way.

Q10. Lastly, any message for your supporters and well-wishers.

Dr. Tara Shweta Arya: “Hardwork is the key to success.” Always work hard and you shall always succeed. Thank you everyone for being with me and supporting me. Please keep supporting me and I shall never let you down.

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